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About us

Here at Bonjour Brooklyn Bakery, we strive to leave a lasting impression on your palette! Come revel in Bedford Stuyvesant’s newest patisserie to indulge in a taste of France right in the comfort of your borough.

Our goal is to model ideal hospitality within the food service industry one smile at a time. Bonjour Brooklyn Bakery is an epitome of the metaphorical statement — ugly duckling turned swan — rising up from adversity and triumph amidst it all. We aim to impart a rekindled familial feel within the neighborhood and showcase the importance of community togetherness. 

Our Chefs

Each of our recipes, carries the soul of French patisserie.

Our chef’s dedication extends beyond the kitchen. They sources ingredients meticulously, seeking the finest Normandy butter, the sweetest Provence lavender, and the most fragrant Madagascar vanilla. His hands cradle each egg, each berry, as if they were precious gems.


The crunch of a palmier, the layers of a Napoleon, the crème brûlée’s caramelized top—each one a testament to their passion. Bonjour Brooklyn is more than a bakery; it’s a portal to Paris. 


Let us introduce our exquisite range of pastries and services tailored exclusively for your business.

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